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Plywood being resistant to cracking, braking, shrinkage, twisting and warping is used in any application that needs high quality wooden sheet material. ATHIRA PLYWOOD is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Plywood.


Our facility is equipped with wide range of equipments for cutting, peeling, splicing, hot pressing, polishing and chemical treatment.
We use hydraulic hot press with controlled temperature, pressure and time.


Different stages of our plywood production process

» Selection of high quality Rubber Wood Trees
» Rubber Tree Cutting
» Rubber Wood Grading
» Rubber Wood Peeling
» Selection of good quality Veneers

» Chemical Treatment

» Drying of quality Veneers
» Dried Veneers Grading
» Setting for plywood
» Hot Pressing
» Quality Checking and Measurement
» Finishing

Athira is very keen in selection of Rubber Wood used for making plywood , ATHIRA have a well experienced team for the selection of Rubber Trees and grading of rubber woods that we are procured from Rubber Plantations. We also have expert personal for the selection of good quality veneers.


ATHIRA PLYWOOD employs a team of designers and expert craftsmen who use their skills to develop our exquisite range of rubber wood products. The enthusiasm and dynamism of the experienced and technically qualified staffs, coupled with consistency in quality and prompt delivery has earned us the reputation of being reliable in the industry all over India and abroad.

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